Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Our Only Real Goal is Operational Agility

In a recent post, Warren Mosler comments on the economic impact of the recent FICA Hike and Sequester.

Warren's terse writing style is sometimes difficult for for beginners to follow, but it provides a very refreshingly different view of policy, showing how much divergence & uncertainty there is between goals, policy, investment strategy, governance tactics ... and unpredictable outcomes. Given that unpredictability, our only real goal is operational agility in realigning our goals, policies, strategies and tactics with ongoing versus preferred outcomes. 

For Pete's sake! We make simple outrageously difficult. Why? Simply for lack of adequate interaction?

This country has far more talent than it marshals to work together. Sequester is a minor issue. Squandering available talent is a far bigger issue. We're not even trying to build a whole greater than the sum of it's parts. Instead, we're hoarding the freaking parts!

We have too many partially blind people all squabbling over their incomplete views. That's reminiscent of a horde of gnats so thick you can't even see the economy they're mobbing. Just a mass of gnats (or piranha?) flopping around this way and that, like a drunken sailor.

Hottest bets in both 'Vegas and Wall St.? Waiting for proof of whether the piranha cloud shows even a semblance of active navigation, or just truly random floundering. 'Vegas and Wall St. are like drunks in an Irish pub, arguing over what will happen at their wake.

If everyone is driven by incentive, and the biggest return - by far - is ALWAYS the return-on-coordination, why don't ALL of us always see that biggest return as the biggest incentive? Simply for lack of adequate interaction?

A brain is not a brain if the neurons aren't all connected to one another. Similarly, group and cultural intelligence is not an impressive intelligence if all people aren't connected to one another, exchanging at least key feedback and iterative discussion.

Did I mention that our only real goal is operational agility? Please. Go practice some random acts of coordination.